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High tension IDLE RPG



After fighting for many, many years Bacchus’ Specter unsuccessfully, the four heroes were thrown despise their greatest efforts into, what they will later get to discover as, the Endless Abyss of Hell. Without knowing how much time passed, they one day woke up from a deep slumber, after hearing the Chosen One calling their name. Confused and disoriented, they soon realized that the once four living legends of the living world had been cursed by the Curse of Bacchus. Finding themselves trapped into one body, they started a new journey with the help of the Chosen One, wanting only one thing, to take revenge on Bacchus’ Specter to undo the curse and to return to their normal lives once again.


캐릭터_얼굴_다크나이트 - (1).png
캐릭터_얼굴_데몬헌터 - (1).png
캐릭터_얼굴_어쌔신 - (1).png
캐릭터_얼굴_워해머 - (1).png
01 / Dark Knight
02 / Demon Hunter

The Dark Knight, a fallen hero, whose deep-rooted hatred towards the world made him into an incredible fighter, was a lone vagabond for a long time. Wielding his long sword with expertise to slay his enemies, he found his new goal in life after being defeated for the first time. Embarking into a new journey, the Dark Knight only strives for one thing which is, to take revenge on the only adversary he wasn’t able to defeat yet, BACCHUS.

Being a Master Archer for many years, the Demon Hunter has been chasing after demons since her early days. Driven by an unknown thirst to eliminate every target that crosses her path, she believes that destiny brought her so far to fulfill an unknown purpose. With her incredible skills, the Demon Hunter decided to join the Dark Knight party, wishing deep inside of her that she could find her purpose through their quest together.

03 / Assassin
04 / Warhammer

With his fast and agile moves, the Assassin, whose name has long been forgotten over the centuries, has always been famous for skillfully killing his prey without a sound. Although his origins are unknown, he is often called the Underworld’s Shadow, as no one who has crossed his blades has ever made it out alive. After many uneventful years, the Assassin decided to challenge himself once again by joining the party to defeat Bacchus, hoping to encounter a worthy adversary.

Battle expert, Warhammer wields his heavy weapon with great and imposing power. Although deprived from any childhood memories, it has never hindered him to strive for greatness and being acknowledged as an outstanding mercenary. As you may have already guessed, Warhammer gained his name thanks to his many achievements during war and has acquired a reputation for himself. However, despite his many victories, the emptiness caused by his missing memories has never stopped haunting him. Hoping for clues of his past, he didn’t hesitate to join the perilous quest of defeating BACCHUS when he was invited.




Feast your eyes with Hand-drawn gothic art style. Try different costumes, each designed in a unqiue style


Discover the 4 types of Attributes: fire, ice, nature, earth. each reacting different to each other to maximize your gameplay.

Stages, Dungeons and Heroes all have been designed and affected by one of four attributes.


Get better weapons and accessories by upgrading them.


Try different sets of skills to find the right combination for you.


Your heroes, costumes and equipments all come with different abilities that you can be personalize depending to your game style


Four types of dungeons, each giving different rewards. Play them with different strategies by changing the skill set and abilities and try to become the best player. Try to climb up the Ranking with your outstanding gameplay and prove your skills



Select one of four heroes!

and slay endless Demons!

Upgrade Weapons, and Get Powerful Skills!

to Awaken Your Heroes!

Fight the Dragon!

Take Down the Raid Boss!

Get to the Top Rank!

And become the ruler of Bacchus!


16, Eonju-ro 170-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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